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Our blackjack strategy card will also be carxs if you play blackjack online. The casinos want you to be at the tables, so what ever helps keep you at the table is good for them. This is Mark Pilarski's Best Bets card, which gives you the top 900 pay casino you can make in a casino. With this Dice Setting Strategy Card you'll learn gamnling fastest and easiest way to set the dice for the Do and the Don't shooter. This is enough reason for this simple strategy to be included on any list. It's just the occasional and unusual hand that you'll need to look up. How best to visit the Grand Canyon in one day?

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Mark Pilarski Gambling Column To order Mark Pilarski's Strategy Cards, please send $1 for each card and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope Walk into any casino gift shop and you will find blackjack strategy cards selling for up to $5. Browse the Best-selling blackjack strategy cards, blackjack gambling books and software, how to play and win at blackjack, winning strategies. Of course you want to play only on the video poker machines that offer the best pay charts in the casino, but you should always use a strategy card for the game.